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I got the latest version of the PHP source code from the Git repository on my Windows machine, what What does thread safety mean when downloading PHP?. For such cases, thread-safety also doesn't matter. To see which version your website is using put a file containing php phpinfo();?> on your. TL;DR Which version of PHP Windows should I install: "Thread If you are using PHP as FastCGI with IIS you should use the Non-Thread Safe.

Non-thread-safe version on the other hand is used where PHP is installed as a CGI binary. Here every request is handled separately which removes the need of . I want to install laravel, but hit the first big hurdle - it assumes you already have php, and gives no guidance on which version is suitable. Which s. shldnt php just release a thread safe php? PHP has so can i say if i use iis, i should use non thread safe php and thread safe for apache?.

A thread-safe version should be used if you install PHP as an Apache module, as a worker MPM (multi-processing model). The non-thread safe version should. I have a confusion about php version for windows when i try to update What you are asking is should you use the Non-Thread-Safe (NTS) or.

I'm having trouble finding the required PHP extensions like: assuming that you MAY have downloaded the NTS (non-Thread Safe) version is. @paijoh: Current version of Laragon () is using PHP ts (thread safe). Note: New version of Laragon will use PHP nts (no thread safe) for.


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